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Tech driven solution to mental health crisis

InterMedi Group health and wellbeing company, TranQuality,currently based in Kollïder’s K1 offices are leading the way in helping to save business’s billions by applying their cutting-edge technology to solve the worldwide mental health crisis.

The figures don’t lie, depression is now the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide and costing businesses billions every year. With a comprehensive understanding of how poor mental health impacts organisations and how crucial it is that the emotional wellbeing of the workforce is addressed, TranQuality are offering a completely unique Mental Health Assessment Programme that equips organisations and individuals to understand their mental health objectively. Gone are the days of endless questionnaires and awkward HR conversations, TranQuality use a non-invasive technique, similar to having an eye test, to monitor the electrical communications in regions of the brain that control mood.

The TranQuality Mental Health Assessment is personalised, yet anonymously and confidentially collated. Measures are impartial and backed on scientific data. Strategies for how business leaders can improve the overall mental health of their organisation are given, alongside targeted solutions for individuals to implement positive changes. One suggestion may be to utilise targeted TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation, a service also provided by TranQuality. Targeted TMS is a cutting edge, neuroscientific treatment that has proven to efficiently treat anxiety and depression in less than two weeks with little to no side effects. Early signs of emotional instability can be identified as a preventative measure. By showing commitment to acting on mental health, attitudes will change and stigma will be reduced. TranQuality has expert coaches on hand to give support throughout the programme delivered through one-to-one coaching sessions.

Bernard McMahon, Director, TranQuality, said:

We believe there is a lack of awareness of the options available to assess and treat common mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Our aim is to make our services and support available nationally as quickly as possible to benefit people within the UK, then expand internationally.”

Adrian Hackett, Founder, Kollider, said:

Kollïder is delighted to host and support TranQualityand looks forward to playing an active role in the development of the company and the improvement of mental health services generally.”

When it comes to mental health, Kollïder and TranQuality understand every organisation faces different hurdles. The team design a bespoke programme for every client, tailored to align with their goals and organisational objectives: sports clubs wanting to gain a psychological competitive advantage, universities wanting to help students get through the high pressured and stressful environments that exams bring and business leaders looking to save billions and support their workforce to function to the best of their ability.

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