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Kollider Workshop One - Cultivate ideas

TAKE A RISK … go on, you know you want to!

It’s hard to make a jump, to take a risk, sometimes you just need an opportunity. If you’ve got an idea for a business then we want to give you that opportunity, to get out of your daily routine and explore the commercial possibilities arising from your ideas. This is relevant to people who are…

  • Growing an idea for a product or business stemming from their original research

  • Hungry for a change of scenery, always scanning the horizon

  • Ready to take a lead and bring their work to market

  • Keen to understand more about the potential of commercialising your research

Kollider exists to help people like you. We work to a three stage process.


We want you to apply to join in this first stage. Successful applicants will take part in a two day workshop, being held at our K1 Studio in the heart of Sheffield. A team of experts will work with you on the seed of your idea. We will :

  • Present you with real world business problems

  • Give you time to think in a focused way about your idea

  • Help you feel more comfortable in a commercial context

  • Partner you up with a mentor to join your ‘project team’

  • Listen to your pitch and evaluate it for potential investment to support you through the next stage

DAY ONE - Context is everything

We will introduce the basics of running a startup, identifying the critical areas. All knowledge will be applied to a real world problem from a business within the Kollider Centre of Excellence for Operations and you will work together to solve with guidan

DAY TWO - It’s all about your idea.

Apply what you learnt and put together a plan for the next three months and possibly develop a justification for seed investment.  At the end of the day each team will present their proposal. From that,  we work together with you to identify possible onward routes, financial support and potential partnerships. We want you to get to point where you’re able to pitch for Pre-Seed funding which can be used to build an Minimum-Viable-Product (MVP) or prototype over a three month period.


Helena Habdija

The workshop will be facilitated by Helena alongside different mentors from business community. Helena is a  lifelong learner, entrepreneur, teacher, mentor and booklover. With a background in education and entrepreneurship. Helena has been mentoring startups since 2012, she is an active team member of several startups. Helena feels strongly about using entrepreneurial methods and tech for making a change, solving problems and doing good.

Neil Chandler

Kollider Operations Centre of Excellence Lead. Neil will support Helena and be on hand to help identify the best mentor for you. Over the last last 18 years Neil has worked for FTSE100 companies as a Technical Solutions Architect.


What we mean when we say ‘Operations Business’

Operations covers a broad spectrum of organisations, the simplest way to it is as a something that supports or performs a business function. Typically Operations businesses operate as Business to Business. The following a great examples of Operations Businesses:


Business Function: Logistics

Investment stage: Corporate Round. SO far they’ve raised $304 investment over 5 rounds.

Flexport is a full-service freight forwarder, providing a platform and end-to-end service for modern logistics teams. Real-time tracking, structured data, shipment-specific communication, and a dedicated team of experts make running your supply chain through Flexport simple, reliable, and accurate.

Founded in 2013, in just five years, it has become a leading freight forwarder, helping more than 15,000 companies deliver their goods worldwide. In the past year Flexport shipped $3.8B worth of merchandise between 97 countries.

In April 2018 it announced $100M in funding from SF Express, the leading courier company in China, this is a formidable strategic partnership allowing Flexport to expand its operations in China and around the world. SF Express joins existing investors including First Round Capital, Bloomberg Beta, Founders Fund, DST, and Y Combinator.

Speak Out

Business Function: HR

Investment stage: Seed - First round £30k

A tool to help employees talk about issues in the workplace. Cathartic is an anonymous communication platform that enables a comfortable space where a person can open up. Many prefer the anonymity of online because of the stigma attached to mental health. It uses advanced, highly secure technology to ensure users cannot be traced, ensuring trust in the platform. Cathartic can be deployed as a separate outsourced service or personalised and branded as an inhouse tool.

Globally one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. In the UK One in six people are now struggling with mental health issues. Cathartic offers a visible demonstration by employers that they actively support their people in identifying, managing and improving their mental health and well-being

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